Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Piracetam To Increase Memory And Boost Mental Ability

The best thing that can ever happen to anyone is to be in complete control in total charge of one’s life and mental capacity. Though the statement seems like a distant dream, now anyone can achieve a heightened state of mental awareness and increased memory with the new age smart drugs medically known as nootropic drugs.

Piracetam is the first nootropic medicine ever discovered by man to improve memory, increase mental ability and enhance overall cognition and energy. First discovered and developed by Dr.Giurgea a Belgium psycho chemist in 1964, piracetam as a smart drug is available today without a prescription.

Piracetam Nootropil
Nootropil 800mg
It has been found that this amazing drug is known to boost concentration, increase memory, improve mental ability and increase overall energy by stimulating the central nervous system. Also, it is known to increase communication between the two hemispheres of the brain by stimulating the hypothalamus.

As these two sides of the brain, left and right control the creative and logical functions of the brain respectively, piracetam has been found to especially helpful and effective for treating autistic patients. In many of the clinical findings, piracetam has been found to encourage the brain ATP (energy) levels and enhance thecholinergic and dopamine nerve transmission and thus prove to helpful in conditions like alcoholism, sickle cell anemia, and muscle twitch disorders.

Moreover, pircacetam nootropil can also help people with Down syndrome by lessening the fast decline in brain capacityand easing the symptoms. It is also useful in enhancing cognition and increasing memory in children suffering from disorders like dyslexia and dyspraxia. It has also been used to slow the rapid brain aging associated with Down syndrome.

Piracetam benefits as per the users claims include increase in memory, enhanced cognition, increase in sense perception, colours become more clear, you are more aware of your hearing, smell and sight and anything you do would have never so easy. This effect has been found to be heightened if taken with DMAE, centrophenoxine, choline, or Hydergine.

Today more and more people of all ages are showing a growing desire to reap the benefits of improved mental functioningattained with the help of nootropics or smart drugs. And as the brain ages or gets damaged, brain cells are less able to secrete chemicals called neurotransmitters, needed to transmit electrical signals. This results in mental decline and diseases like alzhiemer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, senile dementia etc.

Piracetam nootropil can thus be taken as an antiaging supplement to prevent brain aging and mental decline. Consult your doctor for correct piracetam dosage as per your individual condition.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Piracetam Nootropil To Enhance Mental Ability And Improve Performance

Smart drug Piracetam also known as nootropil has gained popularity amongst students who want to improve their learning abilities and increase their exam grades. Today Nootropil Piracetam is well known as a drug that is able to enhance concentration and intelligence that benefits all age groups.

Nootropil Piracetam is the first true brain enhancing ‘smart drug’ and has therefore earned a unique place in medical history. It is renowned as a cognitive enhancer and for its ability to deliver virtually no side effects or toxicity. There has been vast research carried out on Piracetam and toxicity. A study conducted by Tacconi and Wurtman revealed that Piracetam was ‘safer than salt’. Piracetams no side effect format has led to it being used by children of all ranges from schools to colleges.

Nootropil solucion 20%
Piracetam was the very first nootropic, to be developed and despite being one of the very first products that IAS offered when we went online in 1991, it still remains one of our best selling products today because it is a very beneficial memory agent that has a great safety record, with very few side effects, plus it is cost effective.

Corpus callosum, this is the brains key network of communication. Millions of nerve fibres link the brain’s two hemispheres, the logical side to the creative side. Stimulating these links allows better brain potential to be drawn out. The brains two hemispheres are known as the cerebral cortex. Piracetam nootropics works on the central nervous to protect the cerebral cortex from a lack of oxygen. Studies have shown that the quality of interaction with Piracetam and oxygen helps improve memory abilities.

One study involving volunteering adolescents who used Piracetam over a period of 14 months showed improvements in the academic performance of all volunteers. The students that took part were those that had been underperforming and under achieving.  It was concluded that Piracetam was able to improve memory, vigilance and consciousness.

Similar positive effects have been seen with Piracetam and Dyslexia. A study carried out by Tallal and Wilsher found that Piracetam improved the accuracy, understanding and speed in the spelling, reading and writing of dyslexic children.

Piracetam nootropil Side effects

Piracetam side effects are rare and minimal and if experienced they compare to mild nausea/headaches.  Piracetam is a versatile and reliable smart drug that stimulates an important area of the brain making it a non-toxic, safe and non-addictive mental enhancer.

Piracetam dosage

A starting common Piracetam dosage is 3 Nootropil 800 mg tablets taken twice a day. This then falls to one or two Nootropil 800 tablets to be taken twice daily after the first month.